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Insights into the world of business & accounting for teachers, career advisors and academics brought to you by Chartered Accountants ANZ 

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Welcome to the February Educators Newsletter

Welcome back! 

Between the pandemic, the rising cost of living and accelerating digital transformation, it’s fair to say the last few years have been turbulent (at best) for accountants.  

Yet despite the disruption, we’ve arrived at 2023 and there’s a real – albeit cautious – sense of optimism in the air.  

It’s in this spirit that we’re kicking off our first Educator’s Newsletter of the year.  

In this edition, we’ll explore the resilience and innovation an accounting skillset can lend to uncertain times; we take stock of the professional landscape for new accountants entering the workforce; and we look more closely at the sustainability-led employment opportunities open to accountants — and meet some CAs already living the dream. 

But first, a word from CA ANZ General Manager, Strategic Engagement & Development Anthony Matis. 

– Chartered Accountants ANZ Careers Team


How the Single-O finance team turned disruption into success 

You’ve heard about the pandemic driving enormous growth for global companies like Zoom, but here’s a homegrown success story your students will love.       

During the pandemic Australian-based coffee wholesaler Single O shifted from a wholesale B2B business model to a thriving customer-facing ecommerce business achieving a staggering 900% growth in online sales over 12 months.   

The success is largely attributed to some smart thinking by two Chartered Accountants in the Single O finance team – Chief Financial Officer Wade Clarke CA and Financial controller Serena Munroe CA.   

We sat down with the pair to uncover how their accounting skills equipped them to pull off this extraordinary business transformation.   


Remuneration survey provides critical insights for accountants during skills shortage crisis 

Fair remuneration, workplace trends and the gender pay gap are all important issues for students but how well do you know the current state-of-play in the workforce?  

Many students rely on educators to paint an informed picture of the professional landscape – particularly when it comes to how much they’re likely to be paid.  

To help you assess the current state-of-play, we’ve released our annual Chartered Accountant Remuneration Survey results, with data from more than 7,700 members.  

Download the report in your region to discover fresh insights on employee trends and behaviour, median remuneration, and a narrowing gender pay gap.  


Environmental Accounting 

If you read the Chartered Accountant Remuneration Survey results, you may have clocked ‘meaningful work’ as a priority for both new and established CAs.   

While many accounting service lines lend themselves to this kind of work, there’s one in particular that’s on the rise…  

Environmental accounting is an up-and-coming service line that can lead to a fulfilling career across many organisations.    

In environmental accounting, CAs use their accounting and finance skills to calculate the impact business decisions will have on the environment. 

As ESG initiatives become important considerations for shareholders and attracting talent, accountants who specialise in this field are in high demand.  


Young Regional Members of 2022   

We recently named our Young Regional Members for 2022, all of whom are using their skills and passion to drive the profession forward.     

Business and community leaders know positive change can come from anywhere and it often starts at a local level.  

At Chartered Accountants ANZ, we feel it’s important to recognise young CAs doing their bit to make a difference in the world.    

This year’s Young Regional Members come from all over the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  

We hope you enjoy reading about this esteemed and eclectic group of young people.  


Lauren Zwierlein CA on how CAs can make a sustainable difference 

Students looking for a role-model making a difference need look no further than Zurich-based Chartered Accountant, Lauren Zwierlein. Find out why Lauren thinks accounting can change the world, one business at a time. 

Australian-born CA Lauren Zwierlein is the CFO and COO at Zurich based corporate mobility company Urban Connect, and is doing the kind of work that proves a career in accounting can really take you anywhere.   

Lauren’s role feeds into the business goal of tackling climate change on an international scale by working with large corporations to reduce their carbon footprint and provide them with fleets of electric vehicles. 

It’s a fascinating and inspiring story about how a CA designation has helped Lauren discover her passion for sustainability and make a meaningful difference. 


What role do CAs play in creating a more sustainable future?   

Inspired by Lauren’s story? It’s just one example of the role accountants play in a sustainability-led business environment. 

For our next profile, we’re turning our attention to two CAs who share the secret behind a successful career in the space.  

Miranda Sui CA and Robbie Cullen CA have harnessed their accounting skillset to pursue meaningful and purpose-led careers. 

According to the pair, the best thing CAs can do is realise that change begins with the individual – not a particular executive team or business function.  

They say having a solid knowledge of an organisation’s sustainability mission provides focus and clarity for driving change – both at a personal and organisational level. 

Check out the article to learn about the skills needed to build a sustainable future, together. 


Our 2022 Pacific Scholarship recipients share their stories    

Our Pacific Scholarship program supports three young people who are aspiring to great things. Meet our 2022 recipients.   

Some students might look at a scholarship and think it’s something destined for other people, but that’s a common misconception. 

CA ANZ offers a wide range of scholarships suited to people from all walks of life.  

Click through to meet the three recipients of our 2022 Pacific Scholarship and find out how it’s helping to break down financial barriers and open the door to greater opportunities in accounting.


Hands on experience for students   

Find out the latest opportunities available to help your students gain real world accounting experience, build their network and increase their chances of landing a job.  

The new Accounting Technician Program 

CA ANZ is excited to introduce the new Accounting Technicians (AT) Program in Aotearoa New Zealand. The AT Program offers flexible Academic and Experience pathways, and now involves Supervised Practical Experience for additional support.  

The new program is designed with real scenario-based learnings, CA ANZ approved content and capability model that aligns with the CA Program and focuses on the technical and professional skillset of the future ATs. 

Enrolments open in March 2023 with course commencing in April 2023. 

To learn more, visit our website and share with your network. 

The Achiever Program 

The Chartered Accountants ANZ Achiever Program is back, with registrations opening on 6 March. This is a paid* internship to gain hands-on work experience over the winter break. Invite your students to participate in the program to grow insights into accounting roles, build their network and increase chances of landing a job. 

  • Applications open on 6 March 2023 and close 26 March 2023 
  • Available only to penultimate and final year accounting students  

Your students can find out more here  

*The salary for student placements is at the discretion of employers and does vary from firm to firm. 


How accounting skills can drive business transformation  

When everything goes pear-shaped, we like to turn to trusted advisors to restore a sense of confidence.  

Find out how Ed Feiner CA, Financial Controller at LJ Hooker Group, became that person within his organisation.  

High interest rates, soaring inflation and a lingering pandemic have created a very turbulent real-estate environment. 

In a time of so much uncertainty, accountants play an important role in guiding decisions that keep teams, leaders and businesses on track.  

Dive in to discover how Ed helped drive business transformation at his organisation during a time of uncertainty. 

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