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May 2023

Quarterly Educators Newsletter

Insights into the world of business & accounting for teachers, career advisors and academics brought to you by Chartered Accountants ANZ 

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Welcome to the May Educators Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Educators Newsletter, we hope this final stretch of the financial year is on your side!   

This quarter we’re exploring the theme Leading to the Future: what this means for CA students (the leaders of tomorrow) and how you can equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in our rapidly changing times.  

We showcase first-hand perspectives showing the diverse career paths available to emerging accountants – from audit and assurance to the rocky road of entrepreneurship.  

We highlight some of the resources and support networks available to educators to help prepare students for the future – including Marketing CAs: high school edition, designed to help members talk about the opportunities a career in accounting can offer.  

Additionally, we bring you the latest research and insights from our member surveys and CA ANZ reports to keep you up-to-date with the ever-evolving accounting landscape.  

We hope you find this newsletter informative and useful as we continue to lead the way towards a bright future for our profession. 

– Chartered Accountants ANZ Careers Team 


Unpacking the impact of New Zealand’s new climate-related standards

CA ANZ Business Reform leader Karen McWilliams FCA, breaks down what the New Zealand External Reporting Board’s (XRB) set of climate standards mean for the profession.   

In the face of floods, fires and unprecedented weather events it’s hard to deny that climate change is one of humanity’s biggest existential challenges.  

Accountants play an important role in helping organisations address the climate crisis and transition to a more sustainable future – but robust reporting and strict accountability is needed to move the dial.    

New climate standards released by the New Zealand External Reporting Board (XRB) provide an important framework for meaningful action in businesses of all sizes.   

Hear from CA ANZ Business Reform leader Karen McWilliams FCA, on what these standards mean for CAs and why they’re important to the future of the profession. 


CA ANZ member survey identifies shortages of accountants and auditors 

CA ANZ member surveys always provide an interesting snapshot of the employment landscape. Here we explore some key findings from the 2022 Survey which highlight opportunities for students.  

Finding a job in a rewarding career path is an important priority for emerging CAs, and a steer in the right direction can bring clarity to a sometimes-overwhelming employment landscape. 

Our 2022 Australian Members Survey has identified key shortages and gaps in the job market, particularly for tax accountants, general accountants and external auditors.  

The survey results will help CA ANZ advocate and engage with the Australian Government on the skills and workforce needs of our members and the profession.  

Follow the link to find out more.  


Audit and assurance  

Our stories so far have hinted at increased demand for accounting skills that lend themselves to robust reporting and inspire trust in stakeholders. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we dive a little deeper into audit and assurance for our service line spotlight this quarter. 

As an educator, you can probably already spot the students in your classroom destined for a career in auditing and assurance. They’re curious, adaptable, proactive and trustworthy.   

For these students, audit and assurance not only provides a great foundation to understand the overall accounting framework and processes of a business but it’s a service line ripe with opportunity. 

There’s the opportunity to work for a range of professional service firms, and plenty of public sector options to explore.  

Dive-in to our audit and assurance service line overview via the link below.   


2023 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Conference

Helping you inform and inspire the future generation of accounting professionals. 

We are delighted to return to the 2023 AFAANZ Conference on the Gold Coast from Sunday 2 to Tuesday 4 July to reconnect with accounting and finance lecturers and research professionals. 

Our team and industry leaders will be present throughout the conference including the Special Interest Groups (Accounting Education, Auditing and Assurance, Management Accounting) beginning on Saturday 1 July.  

We recognise the important role that lecturers play in guiding and developing those who are going to make a difference tomorrow. Our team is committed to supporting by providing insights on improving the attractiveness of the profession, as well as highlighting the importance of understanding sustainable practices. 

We are thrilled to be once again the platinum sponsor for this year’s conference and look forward to sharing reflections from the conference in the next edition.  


Want to be a founder? Here’s 3 key lessons from a young CA entrepreneur 

While some students may seek out the supportive environment of a Big Four firm, others, like Cam Nguyen CA, opt to walk a little closer to the edge and forge their own path. Let’s get to know this inspiring young entrepreneur.  

New technologies, social movements and shifting economies mean the job market is constantly in flux and the make-up of a career looks different for each generation.  

Millennials, for example, launch twice as many businesses as boomers, and are more than twice as likely to invest in startups themselves. 

One example is Cam Nguyen CA who founded successful accounting startup Encountr at the age of 28, all while raising a young family.     

It’s an inspirational story that captures the possibility and reality of modern career paths and one your students will love.  


Careers in small- and medium-sized accountancy practices (SMPs)   

Now that we’ve looked at going out on your own it’s time to turn our attention to what a career in a small to medium practice can offer emerging CAs.  

The impact of digital technologies in large-scale organisations is well documented, but its effect on small to medium practices (SMPs) is sometimes overlooked.  

Technology is fuelling unprecedented growth for these businesses by enabling them to transform the services they offer. Importantly, it’s also making room for accountants to look beyond the numbers, become critical thinkers and engage in more meaningful consultations with clients.   

Our research shows that while SMPs are ripe with potential, a pipeline of talent is vital for future success.  

At CA ANZ, we recognise that pipeline starts in your classrooms.  Click through to read more of our findings and start advocating for a career in a SMP with your students.     


FEE-HELP available to eligible students    

In an exciting development, CA ANZ has become the only professional accounting body in Australia approved by the Australian Government to offer FEE-HELP loans.  

Sourcing new talent and creating opportunity around future membership programs and pathways are integral initiatives outlined in the Chartered Accountants ANZ 2025 strategic plan.  

It’s with this in mind that we’re pleased to announce the offering of FEE-HELP loans for eligible CA Program candidates – a game changer and a big win for the future of our profession.  

We firmly believe the FEE-HELP assistance will make the CA program more accessible and flexible to a diverse for a range of candidates and employers.  

Click through to find out more information and learn how you can help students access FEE-HELP. 


Marketing CAs: high school edition   

You asked we answered. Presenting the Marketing CAs: high school edition – a presentation designed to help you better communicate the bright side of an accounting career to promising young students.   

To help members talk about what they do, CA ANZ has produced an interactive presentation for high school audiences, from Year 9, across Australia and New Zealand. It covers: 

  • What it’s like to be an accountant. 
  • The breadth of roles you can hold in a variety of industries. 
  • Mythbusting common misconceptions around accounting. 
  • Your pathway to becoming a Chartered Accountant.  

Our team view these as important educational tools to help us achieve our 2025 goal of sourcing new talent and creating opportunity around future membership programs and pathways.  

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