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Quarterly Educators Newsletter

Insights into the world of business & accounting for teachers, career advisors and academics brought to you by Chartered Accountants ANZ 

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Welcome to the September Educators Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Educators Newsletter.    

This quarter we’re celebrating finance professionals who are making real-world positive impact.  

CA student rep Sebastian Gilford gives us a sneak peek into life at a B-Corp with Who Gives a Crap Head of Finance Timothy Jacob, we reveal how to combat cybercrime and how one CA mastered the art of handling difficult conversations.  

We also share insights fresh from the AFAANZ conference, where we learned the top capabilities accounting graduates need to future-proof their careers. 

But first to kick things off, here’s a word from CA ANZ Chief Executive Officer Ainslie van Onselen. 

 – Chartered Accountants ANZ Careers Team 


AFAANZ Annual Conference 2022 

How to future proof the profession was a key topic explored by academics and professionals at the hybrid conference.     

With more than 280 people registering, plus 115 online delegates, the three-day conference in Melbourne united prominent academics and industry leaders to discuss the future of the profession. 

This year’s Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Annual Conference saw engaging keynotes from Professors Wai-Fong Chua and Stephen Penman, several informative panels, and 180 presentations from AFAANZ members. 

When asked how they thought the accounting profession was evolving and the capabilities needed to future-proof accounting graduates, there were two clear themes in attendees’ answers – understanding advances in data analytics and technology, and the impact of environmental, social and governance factors on financial performance. 

Professionals of the future need to embrace new technologies and global challenges, see the whole picture and communicate solutions to stakeholders.


How charities and not-for-profits can gain an edge in reporting  

Charities and not-for-profits offer attractive career pathways for graduates looking to make a difference.  Prepare your students with the knowledge and tools they need to perform in these organisations.  

To operate sustainably and attract funding from investors, charities and not-for-profits must demonstrate real-world positive impact through comprehensive reporting.  

Accountants play an important role in this evaluation process and need to keep in-step with the latest developments in impact reporting – such as how environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives can contribute to organisational performance.    

To help them on their way, CA ANZ has compiled the seventh edition of the Enhancing Not-for-Profit and Charity Reporting guide, which outlines best practice for annual, financial and performance reporting.   

Download the guide and share with your students today. 


Risk Assessment – a haven for critical thinkers  

As an educator you can likely spot the future risk assessors in each cohort – they’re typically confident communicators, critical thinkers and have an eagle-eye for detailHelp your students discover the benefits of a career in risk assessment and the skills that lend themselves the role.  

Risk assessment is a service line in high demand and one that can lead to a fulfilling career across many types of organisations.    

In risk assessment, accountants are exposed to the ins and outs of business operations, get to work closely with key decision-makers and can identify and analyse market trends. 

By highlighting risk assessment as a service line where analytical skills can flourish, educators can set students on course for a rewarding career.   


Learning how to have difficult conversations   

Becoming a clear and confident communicator means mastering the art of conversation – even the difficult ones.   

For many accountants, talking to clients is a fundamental part of the job. While many interactions will be positive, providing advice to people experiencing financial hardship also comes with territory.  

The Counting on U program, developed by Chartered Accountants ANZ, can help young accountants build the skills they need to engage clients in an empathic and professional manner.  

Read how the program helped Naomi Norman CA better advise rural business owners in Tasmania.    


Learning on the job: What’s it like to be a graduate auditor? 

Are your students confused about what comes after university? Becoming a CA student rep can provide clear direction and a competitive edge for graduates entering the workforce.   

An accounting degree can lead to many diverse career pathways, and for some students, knowing which one to follow can be a challenge.  

Soumya Kapoor CA says the CA student rep experience helped provide the perspective, contacts and career skills needed to secure a Graduate Auditor position at HLB Mann Judd.  

It’s an opportunity that’s allowed Soumya to discover her passion for auditing and lifelong learning, and now she’s sharing her story with others.  


A Day at a B-Corp – our visit to ‘Who Gives a Crap’  

Inspired by Soumya’s story? You might also want to check out our new You Unlimited video – A Day at a B-Corp.  

More and more organisations are becoming B-Corp certified, but what exactly does that mean, and what’s it like to work for one? We sent CA student rep Sebastian Gilford along to Who Gives a Crap to find out. 

See what Sebastian got up to.      


Step up your cyber strategy or risk losing it all    

Do you have a plan in the event of a cyberattack? The Cyber Security Hub and Playbook helps people prevent, prepare for and recover from cyberattacks.  

Digital technologies have brought about unprecedented transformation in business. While much of the change is positive, it also comes with challenges; chief among them – cybercrime.  

Australian businesses lost $33 billion to cybercrime in the 2020-21 financial year alone, with small and medium sized businesses the big new target for cyber criminals. 

Accountants need to be aware of the role they can play in building, executing and advising on a good cyber strategy. Check out our Cyber Security Hub and Playbook via the link below and get started.  


Scholarship applications now open   

Calling all New Zealand based educators – check out the latest opportunities to support your students.  

The Ngā Raumanako and Suzanne Spencer Memorial Māori Scholarships 

The Ngā Raumanako Māori Scholarship and Suzanne Spencer Memorial Māori Scholarship provide a level of financial support to help our tauira on their education journey and to develop their skills in accounting.   

Both scholarships are offered to Māori tauira studying towards a qualification in accounting, who are in their second or subsequent year of study. 

Applications close Sunday 2 October. 

The Gisborne Region Financial Assistance Fund  

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, with the support of Eastland Group, Coates Associates Ltd and Graham & Dobson Ltd are once again offering the Gisborne Region Financial Assistance fund to support students in developing their skills in accounting and encourage them to continue their studies. 

The fund provides year 13 and tertiary students in the Gisborne/East Coast region up to $4,000 across all successful applicants with applications closing Sunday 16 October.   


Five actions to tackle climate change  

There’s a lot we can do at an individual level to fight climate change, it’s not just about showing up to protests.  We’ve compiled five simple actions to help students embrace their inner eco-warrior.   

We know 59% of young people are very or extremely worried about climate change, yet many are unaware of the practical steps they can take to address it, both at home and in the workplace.  

From smarter shopping to rehoming old smartphones, there’s plenty of out-of-the-box ideas that can help you and others make a difference.  

Why not share some of them with your students today?  

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